About Us

We are running since September, 2005. Renova look deeper than the paint or flooring to understand what message does a certain space is trying to convey. We will consider the use of combination of different light layers, type and colour of utilized wood, displays, and other things that constitute your home, shopfitting or fitouts.

We start the design process, idea and concept based upon observing actual site or visual that were presented during meetings. Our designs were based from architecture that was already establish and make use of its lectures as close as possible to its original form. Our Interior Design should match the architectural features. We create a whole new look, something fresh from its previous condition but also leaves its distinct appearence.

Visi: We work in accordance with the guidelines of our names : REsponsive, NOrmative, and VAlue.

Misi: Produce quality furniture that provides more value with practical design skills and a deep understanding of the interactive nature of the relationship with our clients.